In 2020 the Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang secured exclusive distribution rights within Papua New Guinea for “The Northumbrian Kiap.

The book’s credit page now carries this message. “Print copies distributed exclusively within Papua New Guinea by Divine Word University, Madang”.

DWU endorsed the book for many reasons including its summary of the embryonic, but now well-trodden, mission-assisted, journey through tertiary education, from remote village to graduation ceremony, that began to develop in the 1960s.

Its commitment also confirms the accuracy of The Northumbrian Kiap’s observations outlining PNG’s now 50 year old journey through national independence.

Just as relevant is the fascination of so many modern Papua New Guineans, some of them children or grandchildren of village leaders, policemen or politicians named in its text, with their still recent, colonial history.

Some have passed on the book to their children and grandchildren because it details events, many of them of which took place in remote villages and had only been passed on orally.

Copies can be purchased through Divine Word University itself. The principal contact is the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Father Philip Gibbs. email: gibbs199@gmail.com. He will be able to confirm the name and contact details of the current Director of the University’s Community Information Centre which oversees distribution and sales. The postal address is: Director of Community Information, Divine Word University, PO Box 483, Madang 511, PNG.